Prison Meditation

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I accompanied Kilung Rinpoche to Monroe Penitentiary for his teaching to a group of 15 prisoners, and it exceeded expectations. My friend Jeanne, also in attendance, agreed. The men were rapt while Rinpoche spoke. He shared very touchingly about his uncle’s experience in a Chinese prison in the 1950s; about bodhicitta; led the group in meditation; and answered many questions. The men also had shared a bit about their practice and history with Buddhism. 

Their sincerity and eagerness for the teachings were conveyed throughout the evening. The impact this had on Rinpoche was clear. At the end of the session, he went around the room to each man, lingering with each one while giving them a personal blessing. The heart connections were visible and very moving to observe.

Then it was my turn, and on Tuesday I went out to Monroe with my volunteer sponsor, Sandy, to begin the Seven Meditations program with them. Again, a large group of about 15, and everyone present, warm, and engaged. They were so happy to hear that Rinpoche had enjoyed his time with them. After I shared my story with them, they each went around the circle summarizing their own experience with meditation and Buddhism. Again, I was so impressed with how many meditate on a daily basis, some of them for many years. Quite a number also mentioned that they practice mindfulness continually throughout the day. And many spoke of the real difference meditation had made in their lives: peace, equanimity, concentration, kindness. One of them even said, “I’m beginning to see that this circumstance of prison is akin to being in a monastery…where one can spend time in meditation and practice without the usual distractions.”

At the end of the evening, the donated books were passed out to a very grateful group! One of them, lovingly holding the text, said, “This is like Christmas!” Then, many handshakes all around. After leaving, Sandy said, “You know, everyone was just so happy!” Yes, it was like that the whole evening.

​~ ~ ~

Thank you to everyone who donated for a copy of The Relaxed Mind for the prison program. Funds came in immediately, from the Whidbey Island Monday Meditation group, and also in response to the last email newsletter I sent out. That was 17 copies altogether. And as mentioned above, the men were really happy to receive their book!

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