Too much thinking, no good

Long ago and faraway… When my daughter and i got to know Sonam Gonpo, monk-nephew-attendant of Kilung Rinpoche, in Asia, he was one of the funniest people we’d ever met. He would often have us both in stitches, and Sorrel’s laughter would ring like bells throughout their cement apartment. That was in spite of his little English and our near-zero Tibetan. He would also sometimes try to redirect Sorrel’s teenage mind with this Tibetan saying: Too much thinking, no good. Decades later, we both still carry it around with us, when needed. I’m sure we Americans think too much, but if Tibetans didn’t, there wouldn’t be a saying about it.

More recently, I was listening to a teaching online by British dzogchen teacher, James Low. I took down these words of his:

The fewer ideas you have, the more you’re likely to taste what is going on. The function of meditation is to release our addiction to ideas as the vehicle of truth.

So, you know what to do…put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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