Infrequent, Hopefully more whimsical, not irascible

From buddhism to bloggism, my first foray into the latter. I begin with this: How inspiring can a blog be when the term so thoroughly reminds me of a book title that used to be on our living room shelf, The Bog People, by PV Glob. This was an actual book–you can look it up–written by a Danish archaeologist, one copy collected by my then-husband. Much later the term “blog” was invented, and i thought, why? But here we are, in a very different world than then.

This webpage i named “Bloggish” to hint at its predicted infrequency and indeterminate purpose. Currently i’m thinking of it as a catch-all, for things which don’t fit into the other menu categories; the infrequency because i’d like to save my writing energy for a book i’m working on. More on the latter later.

The website came into being because of the need to post event flyers (see Happenings), so this bloggishness just an afterthought, and i hope, occasional enjoyment.

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